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Terms and Conditions BookYourHotel.org

Bookyourhotel.org and websites related, owned and operated by Bookyourhotel.org ( Including: boekuwhotel.be, boekuhotel.nl, eurohotels.fr, reservesuhotel.org, reservarsuhotel.es, ihrehotelreservierung.de ) supply hotelinformation on their websites. Visitors are able to book rooms in hotels registred on our websites. All services supplied by Bookyourhotel our subject to our general conditions.
Prices affichiated on our websites are always per room and TVA included unless otherwise stated. Visitors always have the possibility to view what is included in the room price by clicking more information next to the room type and thus viewing the room information.


Copyright of all material used on the websites of Bookyourhotel.org is property of Bookyourhotel unless stated otherwise.

Free Service:

The services that Bookyourhotel.org provides through its websites are free of charge. Bookyourhotel does not charge any reservation fees when a reservation is made in a hotel.

Minimum Age:

A minimum age of 18 is required to make use of our services or websites.


Rooms booked on our websites are booked directly at the hotel. Bookyourhotel.org only works as an intermediator between you and the hotel. The contract in which you engage is between yourself and the hotel. Bookyourhotel.org can not be held responsible in any possible way for any misunderstandings, overbookings or reservations which have not been processed by the hotel. Bookyourhotel.org has always in its possession a confirmation of the communication of your reservation to the hotel. Bookyourhotel can not be held responsible for any type of service contracts between yourself and the hotel. Bookyourhotel.org preserves itself the right, on any particular time and without any reason, to cancel your reservation and to inform you of this cancellation by e-mail. Sending of this cancellation e-mail will be sufficient prove for cancellation of the reservation itself. The cancellation made by Bookyourhotel.org will be without any paiement for damages of any kind.

Creditcard guarantee:

Each reservation must be guarateed by a valid Creditcard. This is the usual way of working in the hotelindustry. The Creditcard details are only used by the hotel as guarantee.
You will pay for your stay in the hotel by the means of your choice which is accepted by the hotel.
In accordance with the cancellation policies or when no cancellation has been made ('no-show'), these Creditcard details will be used to charge any cancellation costs (in compliance with the cancellation policies of the hotel).
The provided creditcard details must correspond with a Creditcard you own or with one that you are legally allowed to use.
Your Creditcard details will be deleted from our servers after they have been communicated to the hotel. We never save any Creditcard details on our systems, so during a future reservation you will be asked to provide these details again.


Payment is made by yourself at the hotel which you have reserved.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, you will find instructions on the confirmation e-mail which was sent to you during your reservation. The general cancellation policies of the hotel are included in the confirmation e-mail and can also be found in the general hotel information. When you cancel in compliance with the cancellation policies and within the cost free period specified by the hotel, no cancellation costs will be charged. If however your cancellation is made later than the time specified by the hotel as cost free period or if you don't show up (so called 'no-show'), the hotel can charge you an amount in accordance with their cancellation policies. Bookyourhotel.org will never charge any cancellation costs.
When you make a reservation on our websites or systems you accept these conditions. You need to verify the specific cancellation policies of each hotel as these differ one to another. We assume you have read these conditions and to have accepted them when you make a reservation.


Bookyourhotel.org takes all actions possible to ensure the safety of your personal details. GeoTrust's securtity incriptions, a renouned internet security company, are used to ensure your safety. The electronic certificate from GeoTrust that Bookyourhotel.org has in its possession is used to encrypt all communications between your computer and our servers, this through SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). The transmission of your personal details to the hotel are also secured and encrypted and this untill your details are sent by fax to the hotel. This of course is transmitted over regular phonelines and therefore further extra security can no longer be provided by Bookyourhotel.org. Your Creditcard details will be deleted from our servers after they have been communicated to the hotel. We never save any Creditcard details on our systems, so during a future reservation you will be asked to provide these details again.


Bookyourhotel.org will perform reasonable efforts to provide pricise and up-to-date information on its websites. Bookyourhotel.org however can not be held responsible for any form of direct, indirect and/or incidental damage which follows from the use or the inpossibility to use its websites. The websites of Bookyourhotel.org are composed with the utter most care. All our services are based upon information provided by different hotels, which are for this reason responsible for the preciseness and the correctness of the provided information. Hotels are able to change on any given moment the information about their hotel, like prices and availabilities. We can never guarantee that provided information is accurate and correct, nor can we be held responsible for wrong or incomplete information. Please always check carefully the provided information before you make a reservation.


In compliance with the law of Protection of Personal details, Bookyourhotel.org will perform all possible actions to secure the privacy of visitors on its websites. All personal details are handled with care and confidentiality. The personal details you provide to Bookyourhotel.org are never communicated, shared, sold or ceded to third parties unrelated to Bookyourhotel.org. More information upon this subject can be found in our privacy statement.


Bookyourhotel.org is a belgian company and thus belgian law is applicable.

By using the websites operated by Bookyourhotel.org you are assumed to have have read these Terms and Conditions and to have accepted them. Only when you accept all of these terms you are allowed to make use of our websites.


If you have any question about BookYourHotel.org, take a look at our FAQ, or contact us by mail or phone. We are glad to help you.

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